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Your Sandals Resort travel expert, Erin.

Your Sandals Resort travel expert, Erin.

Please keep in mind that our travel services to you are absolutely FREE!

What does our free service include?
*We have compiled straight-to-the-point comparisons and inclusions of each Sandals resort in the Caribbean.
*We provide you with reminders and checklists for your trip.
*We check in with the resort prior to your arrival to make your check-in smooth and easy.
*We provide you with information to book fun excursions with Island Routes.
*We provide you with a free gift before your departure!

In order for us to assist you in building the perfect Caribbean getaway, be sure to complete our Travel Questionnaire.

Highlights Include:

  • Deepen your relationship compassion, intimacy and love

  • Create and build intimacy in your relationship

  • Connect with others through various activities

  • Sunrise Yoga Session or Sunrise Breakfast in Bed

  • Island Routes Excursion

  • Solidify your relationship with Retie the Knot

What you will achieve:


  • Experience a powerful transformation as your embark on a whole new you

  • Build self awareness, understanding, intimacy and authenticity

  • Master your life and learn how to create, unlock and obtain whatever you


  • Learn what it takes to obtain, maintain and grow the relationship you're in

  • Engage in dynamic lectures and exercises that will teach and inspire you to create magic within your relationship

  • Learn to recognize and overcome the subtle family patterns that keep you in cycles of addictions, fears of intimacy, infidelities and destructive behaviors

  • Explore how belief systems and psychological pressures we place on ourselves disconnect us from having the relationships we desire to have


  • Learn how to intimately connect with your partner

  • Ask the right questions to increase sexual communication and discover your partner(s) in whole new way

  • Fully understand the differences between sex, love and intimacy

  • Increase sexual mindfulness and authenticity

  • Learn how to connect to your own body in healthier ways. By recognizing the body and unhealthy habits or addictions, you can regain power to enjoy a more connected experience when alone or with a partner.

Be sure to complete our travel questionnaire below so that we can assist you in the planning of your perfect getaway!